“We should educate people that ‘Witch’ is not evil but ancient and positive. The first time I called myself a ‘Witch’ was the most magical moment of my life.”

Margot Adler
Author, Correspondent
for National Public Radio

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"Wicca is often mistakenly associated with evil, but we believe in Karma and if we do something bad it comes back to haunt us, as a godsmack! That's the basic creed, harm none."

Sully Erna
Lead Singer, Songwriter
for the band Godsmack

“But one thing remains constant - Love.  It's the reason we're here, it's the proof of our divinity and it's the greatest magic there is."

"it was...learning and using the practices in my daily life that convinced me this spirituality was full of wisdom.”

Phyllis Curott
Attorney, Intl Keynote Speaker,
best-selling Author, Wiccan

Three Types of Wiccan Love Spells

When we speak of Wiccan spells we are referring to ancient Pagan practices. However, Wiccan beliefs and spells may vary by region, because there is no orthodox method of Wicca practice. One such Wicca spell is Wiccan love spells which can be used to help improve your love life. Three types of Wiccan love spells which are popularly used by Wiccan followers and non-followers will be mentioned in this article.


Before performing any Wiccan love spells, it is necessary that you are opened to love. If you are not open to love, then your love spell will not work effectively. This particular love spell that I am going to mention will help you be more opened to love. Firstly, you must look deep within yourself to perceive whether there is something in you that is blocking love. For example, do you feel you are not deserving of love? Perhaps you believe that no one is capable of loving you? Maybe you think that you are too thin or fat? Or perhaps you are not brave enough to ask out another person on a date? Whatever negative beliefs you have within yourself, you should remove this negativity by getting touch with it. You should then use soap and water to wash off these barriers.


Many of us have this desire to be together with our true love. To achieve this you must first get 5 red roses. You must then step out from your house block and drop one of the rose. While you make your way back to your home, you must drop three roses. The fifth rose must be placed at your door. Now while you are doing all this, you must chant silently or loudly: “This is a path of love. My true love will find me”. By doing this spell you have set a path by which your true love can follow to find you.


The following spell is another popular Wicca practice which you can perform to help you find the right person for you. To do this you must first take 2 silver dollar bills or 2 pennies. You must then toss them into the air and chant “May us each go to our own true love”. Note this spell must only be performed if you only want to be with your true love, and if you are willing to abandon your current relationship which does not represent your true love. Remember, at times a relationship may not be “THE ONE”, but it is divine and sacred and worth keeping. So it is up to you to decide whether you want to perform this spell for it can risk your current relationship.
The above mentioned Wiccan love spells is very delightful and simple to perform and it is guaranteed to help you find your true love or to make you more opened to love.

So if you are one of the many out there who are having trouble finding your true love, you can follow these Wiccan love spells to help improve your love life.

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