“We should educate people that ‘Witch’ is not evil but ancient and positive. The first time I called myself a ‘Witch’ was the most magical moment of my life.”

Margot Adler
Author, Correspondent
for National Public Radio

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"Wicca is often mistakenly associated with evil, but we believe in Karma and if we do something bad it comes back to haunt us, as a godsmack! That's the basic creed, harm none."

Sully Erna
Lead Singer, Songwriter
for the band Godsmack

“But one thing remains constant - Love.  It's the reason we're here, it's the proof of our divinity and it's the greatest magic there is."

"it was...learning and using the practices in my daily life that convinced me this spirituality was full of wisdom.”

Phyllis Curott
Attorney, Intl Keynote Speaker,
best-selling Author, Wiccan

The Simplest Wiccan Money Spell


Wiccan spells are sometimes hard and complicated to follow. Even Wiccans find it difficult to look for the ingredients for their potion or the things which they need in spell-casting. This is somewhat frustrating especially to those who want to follow the instructions by the book. Wicca does allow integration of certain steps and ingredients into their spells, but this rarely happens because Wiccans trust on the spells which they have copied from expert Wiccan spell-casters. There is no point in altering something which already had been proven effective by their original spell-casters.

Now there are also those brave and free-spirited Wiccans who have created their original spells. They have changed it in a way that succeeding followers of his or her spell will not have troubles in performing them. Modern-day Wiccans have made it easier for the next generation of witches to perform spells by creating spells which only needs two items or ingredients, or may only employ the use of chants.

Here is an example a very easy money spell which can be performed with ease. Do not worry, this spell had been tried by a lot of Wiccans, and is surely to manifests as a wallet-full of money by the end of the week.

  • Use four red candles  and place them in a diamond pattern on the floor or on top of a table
  • As you are lighting the red candles one by one, visualize yourself already with the cash that you yearn to have.
  • After five minutes of intense focus and concentration on the money for which your heart desires, recite this, “Lovely Lady of the Moon, bring me to your wealth right soon. Fill my hands with silver and gold. All you give, my purse can hold.”
  • Repeat this money spell thrice while keeping a focused mind on the money that you want to have.

Now, at first there will be small changes in your life which concerns money and prosperity. They will soon accumulate into something big. Wicca money spells if combined with a focused and positive minds will manifest to you results faster than you can ever imagine.

3 Responses to The Simplest Wiccan Money Spell
  1. stephanie kerrkelly
    February 17, 2011 | 6:50 am

    Do I have to use red candles for this spell?

    • admin
      March 7, 2011 | 8:16 pm

      I use red candles because of the successful Aries energy it brings to my endeavors. But other colors that are good for attracting money are green (stimulates good luck), brown (if you’ve already got a project started and want to assure it will stay grounded), purple (for power and dominance) and, of course, gold! The most important thing to remember is that once a candle is granted a purpose, keep it ONLY for that intention. Never use a money attracting candle in a spell for love, or you may attract a lover who wants your money…see? All you need to know, and more, is on my Power Spells course. In appreciation always!

  2. Sharon
    March 29, 2011 | 8:13 am

    Thank you for your website. I so love reading about Wiccan Magick. I am going to try some of your spells and will probably order your cd’s. I have always been drawn to this subject, but was always told it to be taboo. I am older and wiser. Do you also, have a book? Again, thank you Aurora.

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