“We should educate people that ‘Witch’ is not evil but ancient and positive. The first time I called myself a ‘Witch’ was the most magical moment of my life.”

Margot Adler
Author, Correspondent
for National Public Radio

Photo by Patrick Giblin/Inkyhack

"Wicca is often mistakenly associated with evil, but we believe in Karma and if we do something bad it comes back to haunt us, as a godsmack! That's the basic creed, harm none."

Sully Erna
Lead Singer, Songwriter
for the band Godsmack

“But one thing remains constant - Love.  It's the reason we're here, it's the proof of our divinity and it's the greatest magic there is."

"it was...learning and using the practices in my daily life that convinced me this spirituality was full of wisdom.”

Phyllis Curott
Attorney, Intl Keynote Speaker,
best-selling Author, Wiccan

The Difference Between Wicca’s White Magick Spells and the Curses of Black Magick

Wicca as a religion has different faction. These subgroups have different visions, and these visions can range from being traditional to those factions whose goals are beyond normal and non-traditional.

Wiccans however believe that their tradition tells them that they need to stick with the Wiccan Rede at all times, and abide by the Three-fold law. Wiccans do not have a clear concept of what is good and what is evil. They judge according to what is written in their Rede.

Unlike Catholics, Wiccans do not have a concept of heaven and hell. Most of them believe in reincarnation, and tells that whatever things you do in this existence will reflect the stature or position in the society where you will be born in the next life.

A lot of Wiccans’ goals is to live as peaceful as they can in the society where they are living in.  Some opt to exclude themselves, and live in the mountains to practice full time witchcraft. There are also those who stay in the city, living among us and who practice Wicca in secret. These people are mainly scared of the persecution which majority of the public throws at them on a regular basis. Living like this is not their way of being embarrassed about their religion. it is more of their understanding that most people are still not as open-minded as they are.

There are a few Wiccans who decided to practice the art of Black Magick. Black Magick is widely frowned upon by people from the Wiccan community. Black Magick is usually comprised of curses and spells which inflict harm on other people. Black Magick groups usually concoct counterspells for the dark magick they have inflicted on others.

Wiccans do not patronize the dark side of witchcraft. They do not practice Black Magic. Those who do are usually people seeking revenge, living in fear and anger.

White magick Wicca spells usually are stronger than Black magick spells. Wiccans still find comfort in the fact many witches still prefer staying neutral or go to the white side of magick. There are Wicca spells mainly dedicated toward off black magick spells and curses. These chants and spells are usually created by high priests and priestesses who have had extensive experience in dealing with curses and black magick spells.

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