Forgiveness Spell


Do you need forgiveness
from someone you love?

Every relationship has its highs and lows, and sometimes we say or do things we don’t mean, or things we wish we could take back.

If you’ve hurt someone you love, and they won’t forgive you, then you need this spell!

It’s a way to make things right, and easily gain the forgiveness you need to mend your relationship.

If you’ve done something wrong and want it to be forgiven and forgotten, and you’ve tried everything, including begging for forgiveness, this is the spell that will help you heal your relationship and make amends.

Melt the heart of your loved one and drive away bitterness by using this spell today!


Forgiveness Spell

Have your spell cast twice! Add the Triple-Booster and we will hold vigil and cast your spell again – 72 magical hours after the first casting.