Regarding Wicca Acceptance...

“Writers, teachers, nurses, computer programmers, 
artists, lawyers, poets, plumbers, 
and auto mechanics - women and men from many backgrounds 
come together to celebrate the mysteries of...the Dance of Life.”

Author, Filmmaker

Revealed At Last…

Secrets that have helped others…

  • Magnetize money and prosperity!
  • Gain influence over people to change
  • their actions!
  • Attract and keep a lover!
  • Discover and quickly achieve your
  • heart’s desire!
  • Ward off negative energy and get rid
    of harmful spirits that are affecting your life!

  • A woman who is still in love with her ex burns seven candles, one for each day, and her lover returns on his knees begging to get her backand it only took a week!
  • A stockbroker who is unhappy with his job wears a Wicca amulet to change his fortunes…and now he’s making even more money as a chef, while doing a job that he really loves!
  • A mother who heals her sick child using a simple healing chant!

All Of This Is Magic…Real Magic. And It Really Works!

Don’t Let Anybody Tell You Any Different.

I myself am a practitioner of Wiccan magic, and I come from a long line of Wiccans. You could say that it runs in the family. And I can promise you that it works. But I’m not here to try to convert you. I just have to share with you the truth about my lifelong personal journey with Wicca, in the hope that you’ll open your mind and heart and allow yourself to experience the benefits of using magic for yourself.

And the truth of the matter is: Magic is here…Magic is real…and the powerful spells of Wicca really work…giving abundance, love, health, protection and more to everyone who uses them!

Trust me, it’s a real wake-up call to discover how many average people, from all over the world, are using Wiccan magic – spells, chants, charms, and potions – real magic, to achieve their true desires. They love the amazing rush of power that comes with feeling truly connected to the forces of nature.

How to Use Wiccan Rituals to

Attract Love and Passion!

Are you sick and tired of being alone? Do you feel the romance draining from your life? Wondering why the passion in your relationship has disappeared? Ancient Wiccan magic secrets can help you find and keep your heart’s desire.

Take Terri. She’s lived alone for 10 years. As she puts it

Don’t just take my word for it…because magic will work for everyone! I have shared this little secret with so many people who just wanted more love in their lives…and they’re all in fulfilling relationships now!

_  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _

Or how about Sal?

He fell head over heels for a gorgeous woman, but he knew he didn’t have a shot with her. She didn’t even know he existed. Until Sal decided to brew up a love potion…now everyone else is jealous of Sal as he walks out with the girl of his dreams!

If your marriage is on the rocks, and counseling isn’t helping, you may need a little “magical assistance” to spice things up. All it takes is a Mojo Love Charm to turn back the clock and transform your boring marriage into a passionate whirlwind.

How to Use Rituals to

Defend Yourself From Bad Luck!

Been having a bad-luck streak lately? Trouble at home or at work? Are other people pushing you around, or even making you do things against your will? That’s because someone who wants to harm you can use magic to make you bow to their will and make you suffer. In fact, your boss or anyone else might already be casting a hex on you without your knowing.

Are you feeling tired, stressed, and low energy?

You could be under attack by an “energy vampire,” people who literally suck the life out of you. But by using one simple spell, you can give yourself a burst of renewed energy and instant immunity from any negative people.

If you seem to attract lots of accidents, misfortune, and plain old “bad luck,” then isn’t it time you learned how to protect yourself with defensive magic? If you find yourself sick and can’t figure out the cause, or if you suffer from severe headaches without relief, you may be a victim of a malevolent psychic attack.

The thought of being attacked by supernatural forces may seem silly to you in the 21st century, but believe me, the threat is real. It’s entirely possible for your neighbor to make your life miserable while sitting on his couch at home.

So why let people control you? If you can follow instructions, you can use a few simple ingredients like candles, stones, plants, and incense to turn the tables and set yourself free from the people trying to control you—permanently.

Ritual to Destroy Your Enemy’s Power to Harm You

You can give yourself your very own “bulletproof” shield from any kind of attack—personal or supernatural!

Here are some stories about regular people who have transformed their lives using magic:

Stops Nasty Rumors – High-school student Ally was being plagued at school by rumors that were destroying her reputation and making her an outcast. But soon after she started using a Reversal Spell, the rumors started spreading about someone else—the very same girl who started the attack!

Saves the Family DogMike had a nightmare that something bad would happen to the beloved family pet, Lucy. And sure enough, Lucy went missing the very next day. His kids were devastated. But after just a week of using the Safe Pets Spell, Lucy returned home safe and sound!

Wiccan magic also protects your human loved ones
from potential tragedy and disaster!

Survives EarthquakeWhen he moved to California, Dan had heard about how dangerous earthquakes were, but he had never lived through one himself. That all changed when a 7.0 earthquake hit in the middle of the night. While still half-asleep, Dan shouted the emergency protection chant over the sound of rattling walls and breaking glass. Dan’s protection chant kept him, his family, and his home safe from harm!

Spell to Bring Abundance and Prosperity

Sick of your 9 to 5 job? There are much better ways to make money than slaving away for “the man.” Have you ever seen a millionaire who made it just by working hard at his office job? Of course not! That’s because true prosperity comes from a deeper source. And you’ll understand how to tap into the abundance of the earth with two simple ingredients. Emily used water, a silver coin, and the secret incantation to attract extra money to pay her bills. And she was surprised to discover that: “Not only did I receive an unexpected check in the mail for $300, but I got promoted at work for a much higher salary—and a job I like a lot more!”

Surprise Insurance Windfall!

Juan reports: “I used the Silver Moon Spell for abundance for three straight nights. On the fourth day, I got a surprise insurance check in the mail for $3,000! I don’t really understand why, but hey…I’m not asking questions! That spell is amazing!”

From Food Stamps to High Society

Al, an elderly gentleman in his 80’s, was barely making ends meet with his Social Security check and veteran’s benefits. But he took his fortune into his own hands by using the Wish Fulfillment Spell. Now, he’s living the good life, with a closet full of designer clothes, a beautiful house, and a new car. He spends most of the year traveling around the world and visiting his children and grandchildren. And of course, he flies first class! He says, “People ask me about my secret to success, but I don’t tell! But I do say thank you every day to the powerful forces that are on my side.”

Wins $2 Million Lottery Jackpot

Still another Wiccan practitioner, Joe, used the Candle Kissing Spell for added prosperity. And on a whim, he bought a double jackpot lottery ticket. He says, “I didn’t think I would actually win anything. But now I’m two million dollars richer, and I feel on top of the world knowing that I have magic working for me! I’m definitely a believer now!”

The potent spells of Wiccan magic can make incredible things happen for you and your family and friends. In fact, some of your friends may already be using magic in secret…if everything seems to be going right for them…if they seem to be leading charmed lives…then maybe they are working some “charms” of their own…while you are still struggling every day.

You Can Heal Yourself and Others!

Everyone wants to remain healthy and strong, and wants the same for their loved ones, too. So when life throws you a curve-ball, like an unexpected illness, you’ll want to know exactly how to call upon the potent magical forces of healing. And once you know this simple incantation, you’ll have the ability to keep the ones you love healthy and well.

Experience Magic In Your Life

The real power of Wicca is unleashed when you truly harness the forces of nature and the universe and COMMAND them to work for you.  Wishing and hoping is not going to bring you your heart’s desires.  You must know how to command Nature’s infinite powers. That’s what I will teach you.

You see, the most powerful spells in the world can come from YOU. Your energy, your focus, and your personal power can transform herbs, candles, and words into real MAGIC.

You infuse those simple ingredients with their true power because you CARE about what you are doing. That’s the secret to performing magic that really works. I can cast powerful spells for you (just visit wiccapowerspells.com/spell-caster) – but if you wish to learn to do this for yourself…

I will train you in my Wicca Power Spells program to cast the spells that really work.

Want that lover back in your arms? No problem – even if they’re with someone else.  (This is about power so use it wisely please.)

Want to be the next one promoted? It’s easy when you cast the right spell.

Have you run into a string of bad luck?  Do you suspect someone has put a spell on you?  It’s more common than you think. I’ll show you how to block that spell and reverse it so their own spell brings them to their knees.

Here’s just a small taste of what you’ll uncover with the Wicca Power Spells CD Training:

Disc 1:

Your Wicca Lifestyle

This CD will introduce you to the teachings of Wicca and get you started practicing Wicca right away.
You’ll learn the traditions and heritage of Wicca, and the teachings of white magic that bring more positive energy and love into the world. You’ll discover the tools and simple ingredients you will need to start casting spells, and the special meaning behind each one. And you’ll follow me as I show you how to unleash the powerful magical forces hidden deep within you.

Disc 2:

Wicca Love Spells


In this CD, you’ll learn how to cast some of the most powerful love spells known to Wiccans. Find out the best time and place to cast a love spell, learn to brew irresistible love potions, and uncover all the powerful (but totally ethical and honest) spells that real Wiccans use to find and keep their heart’s desire.

Disc 3:

Make Up and Break Up Spells

When a relationship goes wrong, Wicca can help you heal your heart and mend the damage. In this CD you can find out how to get your lover back, and how to say “no, thanks” to a bad relationship. When it comes to matters of the heart, you have to be careful or things can go very wrong. But don’t worry…just follow some simple guidelines and you’ll be able to safely cast any love spell you wish.

Disc 4:

Wicca Success Spells

What’s your goal in life? What would you like to achieve? A better job? Financial security? To be a world-famous artist, chef, or director? Whatever your dream is, whatever your definition of success, Wicca is here to help you make your dreams a reality. With these simple spells you’ll discover just how easy success can be…and how much fun!

Disc 5:

Defense and Protection Spells

While we Wiccans may use our powers only for good, there are darker forces out there…and anyone can choose to use dark magic against you. Learn how to defend yourself from magical and non-magical attacks. Keep yourself and your family safe with strong protection spells. And discover how to banish negative people from your life, and free yourself from unwanted emotional baggage—for good.

Disc 6:

Healing Spells and Deepening Rituals

Get ready, because in this CD we will delve into Wicca’s deepest secrets and most powerful spells. After you learn these, you will be powerful enough to break addictions, profoundly improve someone’s life, and use magic to deal with any emergency situation. You’ll also know much more about Wiccan holy days, and how to perform an intensely powerful Holy Day ritual, which can be used for very special requests. I recommend listening to this CD only after listening to the others, and practicing a few spells on your own—this is serious stuff!

Try It For Yourself – At My Risk!

The Wicca Power Spells CD Training is so loaded with spells, potions, charms and rituals that I can’t even begin to tell you about them all here. But I’d like you to discover the power of Wicca for yourself, completely risk-free. You owe it to yourself to try it…and if for some reason you’re not completely satisfied, return your CDs and owe nothing…I will give you a full refund -
just let me know within 6 months from the date of purchase.

_  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _

Your Choice!

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Or for just a few dollars more, we’ll ship you the actual CDs.  You can have these as a back up to the mp3 files or because you’re like me and not a computer person.  Either way it’s the same amazing program.  The CDs are just $77 dollars for the six CD set.

Plus I’ll send you these amazing bonuses:

Bonus Number One – The Wicca Jar

With your order I’ll send you the secret of the Wicca Jarthe mysterious jar that fills with whatever you want in it - whenever you need it.  All you need is an ordinary glass jar and something so simple you’ve have never guessed.  You’ll be amazed at the results.

Bonus Number Two – The Black Mirror

Your Black Mirror is how you can see across the world.  It will take you a short time to make your own magic mirror and this opens the doors to incredible visions. All you need is a bowl, some water, and the spell I’ll share with you.  You’ll be able to see anything you want anywhere in the world.

And you can even keep my bonuses just for trying my Wicca Power Spells course.

So order right now for your no risk copy, you’ll be so glad you did.

Blessed Be,

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