“We should educate people that ‘Witch’ is not evil but ancient and positive. The first time I called myself a ‘Witch’ was the most magical moment of my life.”

Margot Adler
Author, Correspondent
for National Public Radio

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"Wicca is often mistakenly associated with evil, but we believe in Karma and if we do something bad it comes back to haunt us, as a godsmack! That's the basic creed, harm none."

Sully Erna
Lead Singer, Songwriter
for the band Godsmack

“But one thing remains constant - Love.  It's the reason we're here, it's the proof of our divinity and it's the greatest magic there is."

"it was...learning and using the practices in my daily life that convinced me this spirituality was full of wisdom.”

Phyllis Curott
Attorney, Intl Keynote Speaker,
best-selling Author, Wiccan

Find A Lost Item Through Wicca Spells

Has it happened to you that you lost something really important and precious that you already had turned a once clean and spotless house into a house of chaos? I know I have. It is actually frustrating when you start ranting and complaining about how hard you already looked around the whole place, and you still haven’t found it yet? People will start getting angry with you because instead of using your eyes, you start to use your mouth to find that lost item. It is funny when you think of it, but it is rather an unpleasant experience to go through.  Wicca presents us with numerous lost and found spells which we can use when we want to find something lost, from recently or from a long time ago.

Again it is crucial that you know when the next full moon is. Positive energy is at its’ highest during full moon. When the eve of the full moon arrives, focus on the things that have been lost and try to visualize them in your mind. Use your imagination and senses to create the most vivid image of the items. After doing so, chant this spell three times, “What is lost must not be found. Take my luck, and turn it around.”

Of course the lost items will not just appear in your presence again from thin air. It might take some time for it to appear in plain sight. When this chant does not work the first time, wait for the next full moon (generally, that means after 30 days) and recite a different chant which goes like this, “Bound and binding. Binding bound. See the sight, hear the sound. What was lost, now is found. Bound and binding. Binding bound.”

These two spells actually produce the things that have been lost. But if in case it still does not produce the lost things which you want to be found, it’s time to ask help from expert spell–casters to help you in reciting the next spells for the successive full moons.

When performing Wiccan spells for lost items, also be mindful of the Law of Three. You can invoke the Law of Three (also known as the Three-fold Law) when you have somehow forgotten about the earlier Wiccan spells that have been recited. Try to recite them many times before you stop using them. It takes a steady mind, focus, and visualization for you to be able to find your lost items.

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