"The universe is full of magical things, patiently waiting
for our wits to
grow sharper."

Author, Poet, Dramatist

“Wicca is a very peaceful, harmon-
ious and balanced way of thinking... we don't worship Satan or the devil because we don't believe in it.

We believe that the earth is a mother to us all and we should honor and respect her and live a harmonious life. We don't own the earth but we are part of it... We respect life above all.”

Sully Erna
Lead Singer, Songwriter
for the band Godsmack


Who is Aurora?
My name is Aurora and I am a practicing Wiccan.  I am descended from a long line of Wiccans and can trace my roots for several generations.  If you observed me at work, I would appear no different than other women you would meet.  But during many evenings, weekends, and Sabbats, I observe special ceremonial practices.

I’m an avid student and find much in common between Wicca and the great world religions.  Like many Christians venerate Mary, Hindus acknowledge the Divine Shakti, and Jews pray to the Shechina, Wicca acknowledges the power and magic of the feminine Goddess.

In Wicca, men and women balance different energies.  Many great teachers and practitioners are male.  I have taught both men and women how to add meaning and magic to their lives.

I am a member of a coven – a group of Wicca practitioners – but I also practice by myself, finding great meaning and peace in creating my own special ceremonies.  Many practitioners of Wicca practice only by themselves.

What is Wicca?
Wicca is needlessly frightening to some people.  I’ve heard people say Wicca is witchcraft and a form of Satanism.  I say this up front because I know in my heart this is not true. It is often said by people who are ignorant about what Wicca is or how you can bring magic into your life.

For hundreds of years before the Salem Witch Trials, people have been accused of being witches and burned at the stake. Today, witches are being killed in Haiti, being falsely accused of causing a cholera epidemic.  Whenever people are afraid, they can fall back on old hatreds.

It’s always easy to criticize what you don’t understand. Wicca is about love, kindness, and energy. And in all roads in life, there are two paths you can choose.  Wicca believes in the path of love and light – not in the path of darkness and hate.

As a rule, you’ll find Wiccans don’t spend much time debating.  We’d rather focus on positive energies and magic in our daily lives and not let the negative energy in. We are peaceful folk.

We never try to “convert” someone to Wicca. All gentle people are welcome and take what is meaningful to them and leave what is not.

When someone insults my Wicca, I take a deep breath and whisper “Blessed Be” under my breath.

What are Wicca Spells?
In Wicca we tap into the power and direct the five elements to focus our intentions.  We use our magic to direct the forces of the Universe to carry out our will. Like Samantha in Bewitched, we don’t believe life should be a struggle.  Everyone should have some magic in their lives.

What can Wicca do for me?
A lot of people come to Wicca because they are looking for more passion and more love. They may have their attention focused on a certain someone or they may want to “custom-design their own partner.”

There are Wicca ceremonies to mourn a miscarriage or the death of a baby. Many women have a special Wicca ritual when they get their monthly Moon Cycle of renewal.

There are Wicca spells to make peace with someone who may have offended even if they are no longer among the living.  I wish I could share with you the personal experiences of people I have helped to make peace with a parent who has died.

Wicca can help you if you get angry easily.  And Wicca is especially effective if someone has been directing negative spells or energies at you behind your back.

Some people want to get a better job or need an improvement in their finances.  Wicca can do that too. Wicca can also add spirituality and meaning to your life by connecting to an ancient tradition bringing magic into your life on a day-to-day basis.

Does Wicca harm people?
Wicca spells are powerful.  And once you possess this power, you will be like the Jedi in Star Wars – always tempted to shortcut your powers by going over to the Dark Side.  But if you just trust in yourself and in the pure and innocent power of the Universe, you will be safe.

Spells are like tools.  You can use a tool to build a home, bake a loaf of bread, or put together a children’s toy.  You can also use these same tools to destroy and uproot.  It’s a matter of your personal sense of morality and ethics.

I’m not going to lie to you.  Wicca is the path to power.  You must make the choice to use it responsibly.

Will you cast spells for me?
A lot of people come to me and say, “Aurora, would you cast a spell to bring back my boyfriend or my girlfriend?” My answer is always,  “Of course I can do that.  But the spell will be stronger if you do it.”

People are surprised once I tell them how easily they can welcome magic into their lives.  I’ve even developed a course in Wicca spells you can master.

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