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Wiccan Love Spells Revealed


If there is one human emotion and experience that has intrigued humans the most, that is love. We’ve all heard of wars caused by heartbreaks, of families being united because of love, and of great human achievements inspired by love. However, love has eluded many – to the point of desperation and depression. Some are…

What You Should Know About Anointing Oils

Wicca spell anointing oils are commonly used in Wicca ceremonies or rituals. The word ‘anoint’ is to massage or rub a substance on to an item or person such as tools, supplies or candles etc. Anointing oils are mostly used in Wicca spells to increase connection and communication to deities during Esbats or Sabbats. If…

Importance Of Candles In Wiccan Magick


Prayer is to Catholics as Magick is to Wiccans. It is through magickal rituals that Wiccans express their faith to their Gods, Goddesses and nature. It is also their way of seeking help from nature to bestow on them their personal wants and desires. Many Wiccans perform magick rituals for thanksgiving all of their sabbat…

Wiccan Way to Weight Loss


Ask any ten women what their greatest frustration is and they will most likely tell you it’s losing weight. Both women and men obsess over getting thin. How can they not? Modern society dictates that the trendiest thing to do is losing all fat and becoming slim and slender or masculine and built. People have…

Wiccan Good Luck Spells


“Find a penny pick it up. Then all day you will have good luck.” This is what we usually hear from the older generation when we they see a penny in the street. Is this really true? From my experience, no! It takes more than a penny to be lucky nowadays. With the unemployment rate…

Make Wicca the Bright Side of Love


Why do people resort to Wiccan when they are already on the verge of desperation with their love lives. The answer – Wicca always presents the bright side of falling in love. Wicca had always been turned to by people who have long standing admiration towards another person. But people sometimes use Wicca to disturb…

Wiccan Magick Knot Weight Loss Spell


Wiccan weight loss spells nowadays are widely used by both Wiccans and non-Wiccans to lose weight and maintain a healthy body. How do spells help the people to lose the extra pounds, nobody really knows how exactly magick spells work. One thing is for sure, these spells have showcased promising results to those who gave…

Love Spells for Couples


Wiccan love spells for couples is a powerful and effective way to deepen lovers intimacy and passion. However, you should only cast this spell after you have given it enough consideration and thought. Nevertheless, it is believed that these unique love spells can enhance tenderness and love for both partners. Notably, many may think that…

How to Build a Wiccan Spell Altars


Creating your own wicca spell altar can be a challenge especially if you are new to the wicca religion. Well the first step you need to do when creating your witchcraft space is for you to thoroughly clean your altar room. It is recommended that when cleaning the room you use sea salt mixed water….

How to Use Anointing Oils in Wicca Spells


Anointing oils are commonly used in Wicca spells. To “anoint” means to massage or rub a liquid on to a person or item such as tools, candles, or supplies etc. Basically, anointing oils are used during Wicca spells to enhance connection and communication to deities during Esbats or Sabats. If you are interested in knowing…