“We should educate people that ‘Witch’ is not evil but ancient and positive. The first time I called myself a ‘Witch’ was the most magical moment of my life.”

Margot Adler
Author, Correspondent
for National Public Radio

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"Wicca is often mistakenly associated with evil, but we believe in Karma and if we do something bad it comes back to haunt us, as a godsmack! That's the basic creed, harm none."

Sully Erna
Lead Singer, Songwriter
for the band Godsmack

“But one thing remains constant - Love.  It's the reason we're here, it's the proof of our divinity and it's the greatest magic there is."

"it was...learning and using the practices in my daily life that convinced me this spirituality was full of wisdom.”

Phyllis Curott
Attorney, Intl Keynote Speaker,
best-selling Author, Wiccan

A Spell for Fertility

If you are currently facing infertility and you are interested in obtaining a Wiccan spell to help solve this problem, I am going to outline a special spell that can assist you with the issues of infertility. Even if you are new to the Wicca field and wish to get a taste of Wicca magical power, the Wicca fertility magic spell is one such spell that is real, useful and magical.
Numerous couples today are struggling to conceive children. Many have tried medical and natural options to help them. But sometimes neither solves their situation. Thus, many may be prone to looking elsewhere for viable solutions. One such solution is Wicca spells or Magic.

The Wicca fertility spell that I am going to outline in this article can be used by couples who are facing problems with infertility. This particular spell also known as the “Candle Egg Fertility Spell” is guaranteed to assist you in creating your own strong and powerful egg which will help you in having a baby. It is necessary that you follow these instructions when carrying out this particular Wicca spell:

  • FIRST STEP:  You must make a candle mould: after which you get a raw egg and insert a small hole into one end of the egg. Use a scissor (cuticle) to cut a small circle out of the egg. (It is recommended that you purchase 12 eggs, because you may need to practice first). You must then empty your egg into a bowl. Next, wash the eggshell interior with water. Remember, you it is recommended that you wash the inside (eggshell) very thoroughly – removing all its content, including the membrane. You must allow the eggshell to dry completely.
  • SECOND STEP:  Prepare your candle wax (you can also add fertility charms or herbs). You can use an egg carton as your holder. Put your eggshell on the egg carton and pour the liquid wax gently into it. (Ensure that it is half-filled, and you may also add tiny amounts of charms, herbs or seed beads if you wish). You must then allow the wax to harden overnight or at least 12 hours.
  • THRID STEP:  The next day you must reheat the wax until it is in liquid form. You must then slowly chip away the egg shell to expose the candle. Heat a sharp thin tool or an ice pick and insert it through the candle’s center and quickly thread it with a wick. Then fill this hole with hot wax. You must then decorate the candle, and keep it as an amulet.

If you are one of the many that are facing fertility problems and you wish to have a baby to bring comfort and joy to your life, well, you can follow the latter instructions in creating a fertility Wicca spell. You will notice a sudden change in your life very quickly. However, when performing this Wicca fertility spell you must ensure that it is accurately and precisely carried out as mentioned – for a slight mistake can jeopardize the entire Wicca spell making it ineffective.

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